William Albert Allard
Five Decades

1 - 30 June 2007
11-5, Tuesday - Wednesday
11-8, Thursday - Saturday (Extended Summer Hours)

First Friday Opening
1 June | 5:30 - 7:30 pm

INsight Conversation with Allard
Thursday, 7 June | 7 -9 pm
at the Paramount Theater

Exhibition is held in conjuction with
First Annual Festival of the Photograph

Benedetta Buccellato

William Albert Allard, Benedetta Buccellato, Sicily, 1994

Towering Over Bardot

William Albert Allard, Towering Over Bardot, Paris, 1988

Smokedaddy Blues Club

William Albert Allard, Smokedaddy Blues Club, Chicago, 1997

Stephanie Stahl at Bat

William Albert Allard, Stephanie Stahl at Bat, Montana, 2005

Henry Gray, Rancher

William Albert Allard, Henry Gray, Rancher, Arizona, 1970s

Cloud 9 Bar

William Albert Allard, Cloud 9 Bar, Elko, Nevada, 1979